utorok 6. marca 2012

Some news!

Drén is like a never sleeping devil who is bringing only good news to the lovers of weird sounds.
I would gladly present a new release coming up in few weeks. It's a split mcd with crazy Japan harsh project NRYY brought to you by label collaboration between Už Bolo Dosť! productions and NKTT distribution. You can pre-order this masterpiece at ubdlabel@centrum.sk (Just let you know that the release of NRYY "Magic" tape is in stock and you can order it right now!)

Also Drén took part on a compilation that you should support! It's a compilation against ACTA. You got 4 online CDs with lots of Slovak and Czech projects which every got a unique sound and they have something to say. We know that ACTA is pointless and is dangerous not only for media users but also for musicians as well. Bellow you have link to the official dadaACTA compilation. I also posted some links if you need some detailed information about ACTA. The compilation is free so go for it! Drén's song is "Určený Uhol Pohladu" which is inspirated by our local writer Ján Johanides. Also you can listen there my side project dealing with old school noisecore called The S.I.F.O.R.K. Enjoy and support! I want to inform, that in Bratislava will be a dadaACTA live event! Drén is not participating, but when you gonna have time, go visit. Poster bellow.


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