pondelok 18. septembra 2017

十月!十月!十月! 神無月!!!

October is the month of the Gods! Or more the month of the Gods of sound perversity and music penetration? Find it your self in these temples for an eternal noise worship!

Fuga, Bratislava, Slovakia
with Venta Protesix (ITA), Hlukar, RBNX and Urbanfailure!
Official event link here!

6-8.10.17> PRAVEK FEST VI.
Underdogs/Eternia, Praha, Czechia
Updated 3 days of sickness on 2 stages! From grindcore across harsh madness to tekk system!
Also special performance with a unknown twisted mind on saturday under the dust of set Dont Talk To DJs! 
For detailed info, schedule, etc, check out the event on fb and pravek!

Underdogs/Eternia, Praha, Czechia
Beware this night, you might get to hospital! No joking!
with Defektro (JP), Spacegrinder (JP), OOO (SWI), Magadan, ,Hanatarash Revival (Dren & Uncle Grasha Flying Circus unique painful performance in honor of Yamantaki Eye)
Check official fb event and remember> You all been warned!


Im hanging it here a bit late, but would like to present new releases!

split cassete tape w/ RAW DEAL "Trikrat Ve Vezeni"
Live authentic split tape with atmospheric and noisy krautrock band Raw Deal.
Dren was recorded in Dub, Pardubice by Durasko/Raw Deal and Raw Deal was recorded in Underdogs, Prague by Dren.
Limited to 35 copies, get yours on Dren events or on events organized by Stoned To Death Rec

live compilation of G#DREN "Noze V Uchu"
Compilation of live recordings in full force collab with G# (Praha/Bratislava/Brno) released on Nomad Sky Diaries limited to 50 copies!
Get your copies on events of Dren, G# or order on Nomad Sky Diaries >here<!

...and more to come!

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