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...Lesom sophisticated ambient turns to raw harsh /Bratislava
900piesek narcissistic total destructive noises /Bratislava
Agregat tribute page of a lost disbeat legend /Bratislava
Akimbo destructive electronics /Šumperk, CZ
Alapastel alternative idm /SVK
Angel Epilepsia slow ambient sound meets fast beats /Bratislava
Caerodej drunken beats /Nitra, SVK
Con-Dom legendary power electronics /UK
Disharmony apocalyptic idm /Bratislava
Distance To Empty crustgrind violence with wigger slams /SVK,CZ
Einleitungszeit legendary death industrial /Lozorno, ČSSR
K-LXM indusztrial noise /Plzeň, CZ
Korium suicidal black metal /Čachtice, SVK
Lazy Bastards breakcore to the bone /Bratislava
MK9 antigovernment power electronics /USA
Mare Crisium suicidal black metal /SVK
My Lucky Days collaborative mixture of ritual ambient and noise  /SVK
Napalmed legendary noise group around the Kopel /Most, CZ
Nasratä filthy nuclear black punk /Zálesie, SVK
Noise Mortanna destructive harsh noise /Bratislava
Praying For Oblivion noise and power electronics /Lille, FR
0N0 all genre industrial metal /Bratislava
Qx-Rh85 alternative industrial  /Bratislava
Oxyd ambient electronics /Bratislava
Raped Valkyrja old school minced grind /Bratislava
Remmirath experimental black metal /Bratislava
Semai psychotic drone /Jihlava, CZ
Schloss Tegal great ambient psychotic music /USA,CZ
Sigi Tobias experimental noise duo /Bratislava
Sklo industrial noise /Ostrava, CZ
Skrol postindustrial ambient /CZ
Sperm of Mankind groovy gore for horny chicks /Bratislava
Stor very interesting project, from drone to noise /CZ
Tábor Radosti dinivorum ritual ambient duo / CZ
Uexkull swedish wannabe power violence fast as hell /Bratislava
Urbsounds Collective rythmic and symetric noise artist like Urbanfailure and RBNX /Bratislava
Vladimír Godár this composer was my professor on collage and his music was always for me a great inspiration, i own him my whole respect and thank for the joy from music /Bratislava
Vladimír Hirsch well known ambient composer /CZ


Aliens from dark electro and idm to ambient and filthy noise
Civil Defense store with original shirt artwork
Lecter Music Agency grind based label and distro
Magnitophone very creative lofi noise label from Russia
NKTT anti capitalist music for second class rascals
Nuit Et Brouillard label and distro with lots of great noises
Napalmed distribution lots of good and also weird music
Nomad Sky Diaries creative tape label for noise and experimental music
Operator Production awesome power electronics label from Russia
Smell The Stench DIY and netlabel with huge list of sick music
Trenchcore label and distribution for drunk grindpunks
Urbsounds direct link to label site


A4 Nulty Priestor klub
Aliens Web Zine
Dark's Night Symphony events
Hluková Sekce
Hradby Samoty unique castle festival
Inductiv Industrial Festival
Moravian Industrial Festival
Mortem Zine
Noize Konspiracy
Punk Is Hippies / lot of scanned zines