utorok 18. júna 2013

Another summer of joyful noise

Little bit late, but still, There will be two great events in this summer coming up:
140.0Pa=140000000mPa at Fuga club in Bratislava will Už Bolo Dosť Productions proudly present on 13th July a show that you don't must skip! Supraphon Family, noise veteran family among with Shitoba are going throughout the noise madness from the early 90's and they are finally in Bratislava to perform a disaster show with Sedem Minut Strachu which is a band formed by Sangre de Cristo, Idiots Parade and Rado from KAZ records, playing old school noise core how should t be in vein of 7MON or Deche Charge. Playing with a russian clock and strictly limited playlist on seven minutes will drive you insane (so don't pass it on a cigarette or beer break and be there on soundcheck hehe). As support we have here Urbanfailure which is known in his experimental compose of rhythmic noises and lynear structures, every show Urbnx performs is unique and original! Dont miss him! And there is me, a drunken scumbag deserving you some dirty minimalistic power electronics ;)

facebook link to the event

Dont miss also this years HRADBY SAMOTY on Vevěrí castle in Czech Republic/Brno! You will see there many awesome artist including :Of the wand and the moon:, Deutsch Nepal, Raison D'Etre, Alfarmania, Teatro Satanico, Einleitungszeit and many others including a noisy and electronic second stage along with the Lazy Bastards Sound System. Drén will perform in a collaboration of HLUKOVA SEKCE with H.S's allstars! Looking forward for this show!
Every detail, information about the place or line up visit the HRADBY SAMOTY official website!

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