štvrtok 1. mája 2014

Shitload of news for another summer of delicate noise

After a longer time there are some news, so when you thought Drén is finally silenced, then you are dead wrong.
Next thing up will be split tape with Vyazkiy Sharab from Novosibirsk RU, live split tape with Supraphon Family from our last year noisy meeting in Bratislava and collaboration with Sedem Minút Strachu.
You can spot Drén also under the hot claws of sun in:
Liběchov Ambient festival this weekend Czech Republic 9-11.5. , on the second Lipcore session in Liptovský Mikuláš Slovakia among with guys from Lazy Bastards and Inhuman Terror on 6.6. in Fuga Bratislava Slovakia with Crank Sturgeon among with other great projects on 11.6. ,  , Hradby Samoty in Hlukova Sekce collaboration on 4-6.7. And more to come
Check back soon for more details in this post, look the events list and cover your ears, this year will be a loud one!

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